Peacock Print Tire Valve Caps


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The peacock print blue-green colored tire valve caps are made up of premium quality aluminum. These anodized valve caps are great accessory for vehicle that stops gas leakage while embellishing it. These are super lightweight and easy to install while looking great with the peacock print look. Just put and spin on the valve and it is installed. The peacock print neo-chrome color aluminum scratch resistant caps upgrade the car look just in seconds.

Powder coated finish on valve caps ensures maximum strength and durability. Each cylindrical peacock print colored shape cap is 0.65” in length having rings inside, ensure the full grip and protection. So these easily fit most of vehicles.

This package includes 4 pieces of high quality peacock print tire valve caps which are best for cars, motor bikes, trucks etc.


β€’ Premium quality aluminum made valve stem caps
β€’ 4 pcs per pack
β€’ Easy to install and remove
β€’ Sleek & durable
β€’ Leak-proof and corrosion resistant
β€’ Fit most vehicles

17 reviews for Peacock Print Tire Valve Caps

  1. Rosalina Colby (verified owner)

    All came in great condition and worked as expected.

  2. Jerald Logan (verified owner)

    Delivery was spot on. I recommend this Seller for anything.

  3. Lindsay Drew (verified owner)

    Hands down, great decision. It’s quality and cheap.

  4. Christie Dean (verified owner)

    These were good for the price. Came quickly and all were in good condition.

  5. Rose Long (verified owner)

    this site comes in handy to get all my peacock print stuff in one place

  6. Olga Nash (verified owner)

    I was genuinely surprised at how nice the animal print products turned out.

  7. Angela Lee (verified owner)

    Hit of the peacock print party!

  8. Sharon Anderson (verified owner)

    So many animal print products and so many of each!

  9. Ann Lopez (verified owner)

    There was such a variety of animal print products!!!

  10. Katie Mccormick (verified owner)

    Best products ever and such a great price!!

  11. Marguerite Leonard (verified owner)

    So, happy with purchase I came back and had to buy more iridescence

  12. Eloise Walsh (verified owner)

    Great collection of items!

  13. Judith Powell (verified owner)

    Very cute giveaway.

  14. Silvia Peterson (verified owner)

    Great collection of items!

  15. Gloria Perry (verified owner)

    Wanted animal print products, bought animal print products, received animal print products.

  16. Nancy Guzman (verified owner)

    Loved how these came out. All colors show beautifully.

  17. Violet Curtis (verified owner)

    they will brighten someone’s day. πŸ™‚

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