Peacock Print Bubble Mailers (100 Pack)


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Thinking of how to make that perfect gift attractive and appealing, peacock print bubble mailers is here to do it for you with additional beauty. Thus, it stands out among other mailing envelopes. However, some of the qualities that makes peacock print bubble mailers the most desired includes but not limited to; its water resistant, lightweight, puncture resistant, tear strength, tear proof and cushion. It is equally weather proof and moisture resistant. No mailer or business tycoon can resist these qualities, because it’s exceptional.

Peacock Print peacock print bubble mailers is highly structured with high quality materials which makes it very attractive to the eye and ensures the security of the contents. Apart from the visual enhancements features, it makes mailing easier and a memorable adventure, as it’s lightweight ensures that the main items are shipped without stress. The peel-N-seal closure make it airtight and impenetrable, thus preventing content from spilling.

Also, it has an insulation that gives it a protective power for products that are temperature sensitive.
Meanwhile, items that could be mailed using this beautiful material includes, electrical appliances, clothes, books and accessories, gifts items, phones, cosmetics and jewelries. To mention but a few. Nevertheless, peacock print bubble mailers comes in great quality and durability. Therefore, peacock print bubble mailers has unlimited quality and usage.


6×9", 8.5×12", 10×13"

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