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Sometimes you just want a product that looks and feels amazing and which stands out of the crowd very nicely. The peacock print duffel bag has a very interesting peacock print design that really manages to impress you every time you see it. Not only does it look very cool, but it’s affordable and you will notice it has plenty of space too.

This peacock print blue-green has the main bag, side pocket, side zip pocket, an inner compartment, shoulder strap and many others. It’s versatile too, you can carry it without a problem and add in all sorts of stuff within it. A lot of people love the quality and the attention to detail provided, and the fact that you can carry stuff without worries with it is the thing that you will appreciate the most. This peacock print one of the coolest purchases you can make, and you will find it a pleasure to check out and use.


Green, Blue

17 reviews for Peacock Print Duffel Bag

  1. Nery Jenson (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these!

  2. Ranae Medrano (verified owner)

    Value for money

  3. Sidney Little (verified owner)

    Timely & no complaints.

  4. Andrea Lee (verified owner)

    Very good quality for incredibly low price.

  5. Eloise Walsh (verified owner)

    Packaged well, shipped fast, delivered exactly where I requested. 100% satisfied.

  6. Judy Bell (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this product.

  7. Bonnie Peterson (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this peacock print site for friends who love animal print products!

  8. Kelly Nelson (verified owner)

    Free shipping! All peacock print! Win Win!

  9. Irene Rivera (verified owner)

    Packaged well, shipped fast, delivered exactly where I requested. 100% satisfied.

  10. Julie Russell (verified owner)

    Looks so good as advertised… Shipped on time πŸ™‚

  11. Wanda Alexander (verified owner)

    So much fun to use for with my peacock print things

  12. Rhonda Harper (verified owner)

    Excellent speed, service and product! Just as advertised.

  13. Judith Davis (verified owner)

    Item as described . Received many compliments.

  14. Mildred Gonzalez (verified owner)

    These are great for peacock print fans

  15. Lori Russell (verified owner)

    Better than described, keeping as a keepsake

  16. Adam Barnes (verified owner)

    This is good value and they have good customer service

  17. Rachel Butler (verified owner)

    Super quick shipping, can’t comment on durability as just received and have used it only once.

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